How To Mingle & Small Talk

We sometimes find ourselves in situations where meeting new people is possible. But talking to strangers is harder for some than others. Mingling and small talk go hand and hand,and is sometimes necessary for professional situations. Follow these steps below for the best solution for meeting and talking with new people.

Step 1: Don’t feel like you need others’ approval. Many people fear they will be rejected and this keeps them from talking to strangers in the room. Try to let go of any negative feelings you may have and keep an optimistic attitude when approaching someone. This will give you a confident look.

Step 2: Be prepared before heading into the mingling situation. Think about topics to discuss, and that way you will be more comfortable when you start up a conversation.

Step 3: If you have any discomfort, try to just release it. If you are uncomfortable, chances are the person you are talking to will sense it, and he or she also will feel awkward about talking to you. It is important to remain confident and positive. Think about what type of person you would like to talk to, and try to have an attitude that resembles what you imagine. For example, use confident body language like standing up straight and do not cross your arms.

Step 4: Try to overcome shyness. This again brings us to letting go of any feelings of discomfort. It goes back to a lack of confidence which keeps us from talking to others. Having a confident self-image will make us look appealing to others.

Step 5: Don’t wait for them to come to you. Introduce yourself. Be sure to say your name clearly so the person will remember it.

Step 6: Listen to others with an open ear. People can tell when others aren’t really listening to them, and that can result in hurt feelings. When you talk, you want others to listen as well.

Step 7: Just be yourself- this will result in you feeling comfortable. You know who you are inside and out, so let others see it for themselves as well.


  • Small talk is temporary, and doesn’t have to last all night. If you sense a conversation has a lull, end it by thanking the other person for talking with you and make your exit.

Items Needed

  • Confidence
  • Strangers

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