How To See Amsterdam In 3 Hours

Want to tour Amsterdam but tight on time? Get a bike and you will be set! There are bicycle tours available that allow for minimum tours of three hours. Follow the steps below to learn how to see this beautiful city and capital of the Netherlands, even when your schedule is not very flexible.

Step 1: Find a bicycle rental company and get your bike. There are options ranging from three hours to seven days, so it really depends on your schedule.

Step 2: There are many bike paths and racks around Amsterdam’s historic canals and other locations, which makes for an exciting and affordable way to see this city’s beautiful landscapes and attractions.


  • Most bike rental facilities require at least two passengers.
  • Bike locks and maps are generally included with bicycle rentals.
  • Bikes are maintained at high quality to ensure safety of its riders.
  • Children’s seats and bells also can be included if desired with the bike rental.


  • Be careful when riding in unfamiliar territories, especially when children are participating.

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