How To Type Foreign Letters

For one reason or another, you find yourself needing to send out some type of foreign correspondence. How do you deal with those accent marks and language barriers? Follow the simple instructions below to get your message across clearly, even make a good impression!

Step 1: Visit the Web site for Keyboard Commands (see Resources). There are other similar pages, but this one has been found to be the most useful.

Step 2: Work with trial and error with some of the commands found on that page. Try these commands on email, blogs and any writing programs such as Microsoft Word to ensure it works properly.

Step 3: Bookmark the page so you can locate it easily for a quick reference when you need to look up a foreign word or punctuation mark for your letter.


  • If you wish to use something that doesn’t seem so amateur, see the other Resources included.
  • Try magnifying the Web page so you can read the text more clearly and make sure you are seeing the correct marks.
  • Print out the page you found most resourceful. That way, you will have it at your fingertips and won’t have to revisit it on the Web when you need it.

Items Needed

  • Computer
  • Printer

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